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IND Sixth Street Showcase

Project Information:

Project Type

04.2022 ~ 05.2022
Architectural Design (Academic)
Kang S.J
New York, NY
Rhino, Illustrator, Photoshop

To raise awareness of the dangerous nature of the New York City subway system, we propose a showcase of design interventions across five stations on the IND Sixth Street. The interventions include (1) redesigned suspended space on the tracks for workers, (2) a biophilic platform with an air filtration system, (3) a sunlight tunnel, (4) redesigned barrier with campaign murals, and (5) safety platform screen doors. These interventions are designed to bring the above-ground ambiance and nature underground. We hope that the passengers will have an immersive experience in their daily lives and acknowledge the danger that they have been exposed to, the dangers that the workers are facing, and how such changes can reduce the risk and improve the environment.

Site Plan

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